Our Work

Delivery of practical and results-oriented services will be accomplished through the following three integrated activities:


1. Research

Conduct qualitative and quantitative research into various thematic areas of the extractive sector and make the output from field and desk-top research more accessible to the diverse actors working in the extractive sector.


2. Capacity Building / Training

Enhance the capacity of various stakeholders to utilize and benefit from the extractives sector in order to stimulate sustainable economic growth through the following activities:

  • Delivering education workshops, roundtables, conferences and programs for developing government personnel, extractives sector leaders, and CSOs
  • Developing arepository of extractive sector education curricula, resources and evaluation frameworks
  • Supporting government officials/personnel, academics, and sector leadersto interact with expertsworking in this field via education programs, study tours, fellowships, and/ordialogue events
  • Coordinating dialogues with multi-stakeholder representation to identifythe country’s extractives sector governance needs and context
  • Collaboration between local and international expertsin learning and education, applied research and technical assistance in order to ensure responsiveness to the country’s needs


3. Policy Engagements

Work with national and county governments, stakeholders and communities responsible for the governance of the extractives sector to formulate and implement policies and practical strategies in support of a sustainable extractives industry.


4. Public Engagement




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